CCMD Editorial Base

The editorial base is responsible for the registration and editorial processing of our systematic reviews. Working with authors throughout the review-writing process, we run searches for studies to include in reviews, check manuscripts for essential methodological and stylistic criteria, arrange peer review of draft reviews, and advise authors on how best to address feedback. Alongside our editorial work, we also engage in developmental activities to ensure our reviews are answering the questions most important to users.

Co-ordinating editor

Rachel Churchill

Managing editor                    

Jessica Hendon

Trials search co-ordinator

Sarah Dawson

Trials search co-ordinator

Chris Cooper


The editorial base team is supported by a group of editors, who contribute to our work on a voluntary basis. They provide feedback on manuscripts, advice on subject-specific queries, and input on strategic planning for the group and its portfolio of reviews.

Statistical Editors
Deborah Caldwell, UK
Dan Jackson, UK
Emma Maund, Denmark
Kerry Dwan, UK
Howard Thom, UK
José López-López, UK
Areti-Aggeliki Veroniki, Greece

Methodological Editors 
Brett Thombs, Canada 
Jelena Savovic, UK
Philippa Davies, UK 
Sarah Hetrick, Australia
Toshiaki Furukawa, Japan
Georgina Cox, Australia
Hector Pardo Hernandez, Spain
Kat Witt, Australia