New Title Proposals

New titles

There are two avenues for CCMD to take on new titles. We openly advertise reviews which are in need of new author teams, or those which have been identified from priority setting exercises. The second avenue is for authors to send in their own suggestions for new titles. We receive a large number of applications; to ensure yours is successful, please ensure you provide as much detail as possible about what your review will include, what experience your team has, and why your review topic is important. Cochrane provides guidance on proposing new review titles, it would be beneficial to read this guidance before embarking on completing a title proposal form. Please note we reserve the right to de-register a review should it fail to meet our pre-submission criteria and/or MECIR standards. 

Reviews in need of new author teams - apply now!

Interventions for helping people recognise early signs of recurrence in bipolar disorder

Interventions for helping people recognise early signs of recurrence in depression

Telephone delivered cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for anxiety disorders in adults

 If you are interested in applying to take on one of these titles, please fill in the review proposal form below and return it to the editorial team (  The full review or protocol might have been published on the Cochrane Library before; if this is the case, please record the published inclusion criteria in the form and note any changes you propose to make, with rationale. Please also give full details of your team, and ensure your team meets the requirements set out in Cochrane's editorial and publishing policy resource, here. Finally, remember to provide clear timelines and a strong dissmination plan for the finished review, since this will help to stengthen your application.

Process for researcher-led new titles

CCMD receives a large volume of unsolicited new title requests every month, but we are only able to take on a small number of titles each year, so we need to be selective in which titles we take forward.

The below are some key areas on which your application will be assessed, so please ensure that your case is adequately stated so that we can fairly judge your application. 

  • The team must have experience of conducting a Cochrane review;
  • The team must have all required expertise, i.e. content, methodology, statistics;
  • There must be a clear and compelling rationale as to why the question is important;
  • Author team must provide a clear dissemination plan highlighting who specifically will be interested in this review, what avenues might be available to disseminate the findings, what guidelines may pick up on it, etc.;
  • If the author team has secured funding to undertake the review this will be considered favourably;
  • Patient important outcomes and adverse event outcomes should be considered.

Review proposal form