Our activities

Over the next 3-5 years, we are focusing on the following activities:

1. Prioritisation

We are trying to focus on the development of reviews that are highly relevant to those making decisions about mental health care (both in the UK and NHS, as well as globally).

2. Updating

We are developing a formal assessment procedure for prioritising which reviews to update.

3. Maintaining quality and improving efficiency of review production

We are committed to improving the efficiency of review production and the experience of CMD authors, whilst maintaining the high quality of our reviews. We are also looking to increase our use of more innovative methods to better address priority questions within our scope.

4. Dissemination of review findings

We are increasing our efforts to better publicise our reviews to relevant audiences, making them more accessible to those making decisions about healthcare.

5 Building CMD's capacity and profile

We are working to increase and maintain involvement in the scientific and wider community, both nationally and globally.