Our peer reviewers

The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR) is a peer reviewed publication, which means that every Cochrane Review is evaluated by one or more specialists external to the CRG editorial team before publication, and the Cochrane Review authors have the opportunity to revise the Cochrane Review in response to feedback.

We extend a huge thanks to everyone who has acted as peer reviewer for our Group over the years. 

From January 2019, and consistent with Cochrane’s core principles, including open and transparent communication and decision making, our Group will adopt a named peer review process.  In a named peer review process, the Cochrane Review author and peer reviewer know each other’s names and affiliations during the peer review process. 

As a minimum standard, every Cochrane Review will be peer-reviewed by at least one clinical/topic specialist (with a minimum of one external to the Cochrane Review Group (CRG) editorial team) and one statistician/methodologist (who may, in some circumstances, be part of the CRG editorial team).

It is expected that CRGs aim to include at least one consumer peer reviewer per Cochrane Review.

Cochrane peer review policy

We would like to thank all the peer and consumer reviewers who have contributed to the Cochrane Common Mental Disorders peer review process in the past. 
Thanks the following peer and consumer referees who reviewed protocols and reviews published in 2019, 2020 and 2021

[Note these lists are being updated so not all names are added yet]



Including: Karen Morley, Akilesh Ramasamy, Lindsay Robertson, Jean Sellar-Edmunds, Verity Westgate


Including: Akilesh Ramasamy, Sue Rees, Lindsay Robertson, Jean Sellar-Edmunds, Verity Westgate



Including: Alan Bailey, Philippa Davies, Simon Davies, Sumeet Gupta, Joseph Hayes, Rebecca Henley, Katherine Jones, Nuala Livingstone, Karen Morley, Jane Noyes, Akilesh Ramasamy, Sue Rees, Danial Sayyad, Adam Todd, Simone Vigod, Verity Westgate, Gillian Worthy, Abhijna Vithal Yergolkar


Including: Sue Rees



Including: Karen Morley, Lindsay Robertson