Edie reflects on her work experience

This summer I spent a week with Cochrane Common Mental Disorders and the wider team at the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination for my work experience. I thought that it would be an interesting week, and a nice end to a stressful first year of A levels. However, I soon found myself opened up to a world far larger and more diverse than I could have imagined. 

Having gone in with a rough idea of what Cochrane is and what it does I quickly realised that it encompassed far more than I had initially thought. I had been given a window into a truly international organisation. Before long I was writing about studies in French and sitting in on teleconferences from around the world!

This week in particular allowed me to expand my understanding of the world of academia, something that I had never really considered as an option for myself. However, my short time here has showed me exactly how much bearing and impact academic research can have on society at large and I felt I was being immersed in a place that was making a real positive changes to people’s lives. I also felt further encouraged to think about academia as part of my future by the makeup of the department. Seeing so many amazing women working at the forefront of their field was really inspiring and learning about the Athena SWAN initiative and the steps being taken to further women’s careers was incredible!

To conclude, my time here was eye opening, fascinating, and I felt totally welcomed by everyone in the office. The Centre for Reviews and Dissemination has such a lovely warm atmosphere and I would recommend it to anyone considering doing work experience at the University of York. I couldn’t imagine doing it in a nicer environment. 

Edie Gilbody, July 2019