A great way to get students more involved in evidence-based medicine

Emily Sanger has recently started blogging and is helping Cochrane Common Mental Disorders start our new blog. 

I’m Emily and I’m currently in my final year of medicine at the Hull York Medical School. I have recently been writing blogs providing summaries of Cochrane reviews on Students for Best Evidence. 

I started writing blogs on these reviews because sharing them on social media is a great way to get students more involved in evidence-based medicine. I became interested in psychiatry after my mental health placement at university, and I’m particularly interested in global and child and adolescent mental health following my BSc in Global Health.

Working with the Cochrane of Common Mental Disorders group in York allows me to write about subjects that I’m really interested in, with their wide range of reviews available online. I particularly enjoyed working on my first blog, psychological therapies in humanitarian crises, and I’m looking forward to writing more in the future. I would recommend blogging reviews to anyone who wants to be more involved with evidence based medicine and wants to write more about a topic they enjoy!

Emily Sanger, December 2018

We are really enjoying working with Emily and hope you enjoy her blogs.

Read Emily's Students 4 Best Evidence blog on Psychological Therapies in Humanitarian Crises.

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