Featuring in the Mental Health Patterns Library

We are delighted that Cochrane Common Mental Disorders has contributed to the new Mental Health Patterns Library. Some of our work on Illustrating mental health topics responsibly has been included as a example in the library. Examples are real-life case studies of patterns in action from services and products that address mental health needs.

The Mental Health Patterns Library is a helpful resource for those involved in developing and delivering digital mental health support. It’s designed to encourage learning and the sharing of best practice.

In our example we highlight that it’s important to show images of people doing everyday things, challenging the idea that people with mental ill health are just in bed or in healthcare settings.  We also shared some key guidance we follow when we select images:

  • Change the conversation by using images that challenge assumptions and stereotypes about mental health conditions. 
  • Use different images for different groups of people, representing the variety of young people and their experiences.
  • Try to create and update your own bespoke images, as this is much better than relying on stock images.
  • Have a process in place to respond to feedback about images.

The Mental Health Patterns Library was created by designers, developers and mental health practitioners and researchers who saw a need to collect and share best practices for mental health digital services. You can find out more on the website including information about how get involved.

Excellent guidance on choosing images produced by Cochrane UK is also referenced as part of the Common Mental Disorders example.  

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