Noortje's visit to Santiago de Chile

Noortje is a systematic reviewer based in our Editorial Base in York. In October, she travelled to Chile to join forces with a research group at the Universidad del Desarrollo, led by Professor Baltica Cabieses, to bring together expertise in research on migrant mental health. 

Together they worked on an overview of reviews, which will show how much is already known about treating and prevention mental health problems among refugees and asylum seekers, and where the gaps in the evidence are.

Protocol: An overview of systematic reviews on mental health promotion, prevention, and treatment of common mental disorders for refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced persons

Noortje also gave a lecture on Cochrane Evidence in global mental health and a training session on doing Cochrane Reviews with the Cochrane Common Mental Disorders Group. A science fair took place at the University and Noortje and Baltica joined the panel of judges for the three minute pitch competition

During the visit, our Chilean colleagues launched a report on myth busting in migrant health through evidence. Their learning will inform the dissemination of findings from our Cochrane Reviews in global mental health and migrant health, so that the evidence we produce reaches more people and can be used to improve clinical practice.  

During Noortje’s visit, social unrest and riots broke out in Santiago and the rest of Chile. Sparked by a rise in metro fares, people were (and still are) protesting against tough working and living conditions and large inequalities in income, healthcare, and education. Both of our research groups, particularly on the topic of global mental health, are determined to produce evidence that can be used to improve the lives of those who are most in need. For us, the unrest in Chile reinforced the importance of producing evidence that can reach and benefit as many people as possible, so that inequalities in health and healthcare are reduced. 

This visit to Chile was made possible by a small grant from the Risk, Evidence, and Decision-Making Research Theme from the University of York.

Noortje Uphoff is a Research Fellow who works for the Cochrane Common Mental Disorder group at the University of York. She manages a portfolio of systematic reviews and projects relating to mental health prevention, health inequalities, global mental health and comorbidity of mental and physical health.

Previously Noortje worked with the Born in Bradford study and Better Start Bradford project. She has expertise relating to research in cohort studies, social and ethnic inequalities in health, systematic reviews in public health, and evaluation of complex interventions.

Noortje is interested in applying a health inequality perspective to reviews and dissemination in the field of mental health, answering questions around the wider social determinants of mental health, equal opportunities for prevention, access to mental health, and equity in effectiveness of interventions.

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