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Our blog is for anyone who is interested in finding and using the best quality evidence to inform decisions about health.

We started our blog as a way to make our Group's Cochrane evidence more accessible and for people to get to know the team. We hope it will encourage more discussion. Our blogs sometimes feature project work or new reviews. We also blog about activites related to our Group, and how we go about producing Cochrane evidence and support its use.

We are always looking for new bloggers to work with, all you need is an interested in what we do and mental health.

Some of our bloggers have shared some of the reasons why they blog.

Initially, I got into blogging because I had something to say and there was nobody around me to say it to. I needed to find my people.

Why Sophia blogs

I started writing blogs on these reviews because sharing them on social media is a great way to get students more involved in evidence-based medicine.

Why Emily blogs

In our evidence-denying world of ‘alternative facts’, the Evidence-Based Medicine movement and Cochrane are beacons of reason. I want to be involved.

Why Karen blogs

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