Our YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel is for anyone who is interested in finding and using the best quality evidence to inform decisions about mental health and for those interested in working on a systematic review.

We started our channel as a way to connect with new audiences and to make our Group's Cochrane evidence more accessible. We also wanted to develop it as a training resource and a place for people to get to know the team and what we do.

Over the past two years our channel has been growing and we now have 2.26K subscribers. Our most popular content is definitely our training videos - produced in partnership with NHS Trusts and other NIHR Research Programmes. It is exciting that only about 25% of our views are from people based in the UK, so our channel is helping our content have a more international reach inline with Cochrane's global focus. After the UK, the United States, Australia, India and the Philippines feature in our top 5 geographic areas. We are also reaching the 18-24 age group too. 

In May alone we had 12.7k views and 67.2k minutes of content watched. We hope to make more video content in 2021 and start to explore the analytics to help inform the development of future content. 

It is early days for our channel so please do have a look, your feedback is very welcome on how we keep improving. Leave us a comment.

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