Partnership launch with Mental Health Foundation

Tomorrow we will formally launch our partnership with the Mental Health Foundation at an event ‘Mental health research – What’s in it for us?’ at the British Library, London (Thursday 6 June, 14:00 – 17:00 GMT+1)

Our partnership with the Mental Health Foundation is about helping us to produce evidence that is relevant to people with everyday lived experience of common mental disorders. Our work with the Mental Health Foundation will enable us to better understand what matters to people and to improve the ways we involve people with lived experience in what we are doing. 

Initial plans from discussion with those in the sector are that our partnership work should focus on:

  • Prevention
  • Children & Young People’s Mental Health
  • Comorbidities (no health without mental health)

The delivery of all the future activities of our partnership will involve a strong emphasis on:

  • Co-design, Co-production and Co-development
  • Robust and pragmatic methodology

Through our launch event we are seeking ideas for new partnership activities, both within these thematic areas and more broadly.  Your input to the discussion is really important to us we want to develop an ongoing conversation about the work we are doing together.

The launch event is going #BeyondTheRoom with live tweets by the Mental Elf and will include a live streamed panel discussion. Please join the conversation before, during and after on twitter using #MHResearchForMe

We are delighted our event is being supported by a really knowledgeable set of speakers and panellists.

Read the biographies of our speakers and panellists.