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Specialised Register

The Information Specialist (IS) of the Cochrane Common Mental Disorders Group (CCMD) assembles, maintains and administers a specialised register of controlled trials, as a service to the review authors who are members of CCMD. The register is partially studies based, it is relational database consisting of >34,000 reference records (reports of RCTs) of which 60% of these references have been tagged to individual coded study records.

The references register currently contains >34,000 reference records (annual accrual rate of c2000 new records) referring to completed or ongoing trials. Reports of trials are identified by formal, generic search methods or by informal discovery. Hard copies and/or e-articles of most of the trial reports are also located with the IS.

The studies register originated from an EU funded project (EU-PSI: Evidence-Based Treatment in Mental Health and Optimised Use of Databases) which involved converting the reference registers of five Cochrane mental health groups into study-based registers. CCMD has coded >11,500 individual study records using the EU-PSI coding manual.

The following fields have been coded (those marked in bold are priority fields):
Study Name; Health ConditionCo-morbid Health ConditionIntervention; Adjunctive InterventionNumber of Participants; Age; Main Diagnostic Criteria; Study Design; Current Status of Trial; Blinding; Unit of Allocation; Link to References; Link to Cochrane Reviews; Country of Origin; Treatment Setting; Main Diagnostic Criteria; Age; Duration of Trial; Anticipated End Date; Washout/Run-in; Unchanged Study Sample Size; Information of Dropouts/Withdrawals; Outcomes; Funding Source/Sponsorship; Side Effects; Methods of Treatment Allocation; Economic Evaluation.
The EU-PSI Coding Manual is available from the IS (Sarah Dawson).

In April 2013, CCMDCTR data was migrated from two Procite databases onto a new platform, the Cochrane Register of Studies (CRS), a bespoke Cochrane data repository and data management tool.

Eligibility criteria for inclusion in the CCMDCTR:
- Topic Scope: Controlled trials comparing two or more interventions for the treatment of common mental disorders,see CCMD's current Topics List).
- Study Design: Randomized or quasi-randomized trials (in humans in which allocation to the intervention has either been at random, or by some quasi-random method, such as by alternation, or on the basis of the case record number or date of birth). 

Database electronic searching:
References to trials for inclusion in the Group's registers are collated from routine (weekly), generic searches of MEDLINE (1950 to date), EMBASE (1974 to date) and PsycINFO (1967 to date); quarterly searches of the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL, all years) and review specific searches of additional databases (eg PSYNDEX, LILACS, AMED, CINAHL, as appropriate).

The CCDANCTR is the primary source of RCTs for reviews falling within the core scope of CCMD, (see MECIR conduct standard c24).

Clinical Trials Registers:
The following registers of ongoing and completed trials are also searched on a review specific basis (either by the IS or review authors) (MECIR conduct standard c27): 

WHO International Clinical Trials Portal
Incorporating the following International Trials Registers:
- Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry
- EU Clinical Trials Register (EU-CTR)
- Brazillian Clinical Trials Register (ReBec)
- Chinese Clinical Trial Register
- Clinical Trials Registry - India
- Clinical Research Information Service, Rebublic of Korea
- Cuban Public Registry of Clinical Trials
- German Clinical Trials Register
- Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials
- Japan Primary Registers Network
- Pan African Clinical Trial Registry
- Sri Lanka Clinical Trials Registry
- The Netherlands National Trial Register
- Thai Clinical Trials Register (TCTR) 

Table of Contents Alerts (ToCs) are also received from the following journals which inform the CCMDCTR:

- Archives of General Psychiatry
- British Journal of Psychiatry
- Crisis: The Journal of of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention
- JAMA: the Journal of the American Medical Association
- Journal of Affective Disorders
- Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
- Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology
- Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology
- Journal of Psychopharmacology
- The Lancet
- The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)
- Trials [electronic resource]