The Depression Anxiety & Neurosis Group held their exploratory meeting in October 1995, and the group was officially registered in June 1996. Since then group meetings have been held annually, during the course of the Cochrane Colloquia.

Editorial team

Co-ordinating Editor:
Rachel Churchill, United Kingdom

General Editors:
Corrado Barbui, Italy
Andrea Cipriani, Italy
Toshiaki Furukawa, Japan
Simon Gilbody, United Kingdom
Philip Hazell, Australia
Sarah Hetrick, Australia
Vivien Hunot, United Kingdom
Jonathan Ipser, South Africa
Raymond Lam, Canada
Glyn Lewis, United Kingdom
Greg Simon, USA

Comments/Criticism Editor:
Rachel Churchill, United Kingdom

Statistical Editors: 
Deborah Caldwell, United Kingdom
Dan Jackson, United Kingdom
Emma Maund, Denmark
Jan Odgaard-Jensen, Norway
Rebecca Turner, United Kingdom
Kerry Dwan, United Kingdom 

Trials Search Co-ordinator (TSC):
Sarah Dawson, United Kingdom

Managing Editor:
Chris Champion, United Kingdom

Editorial Assistant:
Jessica Sharp, United Kingdom

Consumer representatives:
We have a number of service users who assist us informally by commenting on reviews and protocols and who would prefer not be named. We are now in the process of reorganising our arrangements for consumer involvement.