About us

Welcome to Cochrane Common Mental Disorders 

Cochrane Common Mental Disorders is a community of people working together to help put trusted evidence at the heart of healthcare decisions for people with common mental disorders. Through partnership and collaboration our vision it to:

  • ask the right questions (driven by our stakeholders needs including those with lived experience);
  • employ the right methods to answer those questions; and,
  • get the best evidence to those who need it.

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We are a Cochrane Review Group and part of Cochrane, an international not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making up-to-date, accurate information about the effects of healthcare readily available worldwide. We work with authors from around the world to produce and disseminate systematic reviews of healthcare interventions for treating and preventing a range of mental health problems. Some of the conditions we cover are: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, somatoform disorders and suicide (for a full list, see Scope). Our reviews are published online on the Cochrane Library, where they are used by clinicians, researchers, healthcare consumers and international guideline developers to inform healthcare knowledge and decision making.