Our team

The Cochrane Common Mental Disorders Group (formerly the Depression, Anxiety and Neurosis Group) was established in 1996 and is a global network made up of our:

Editorial base   

  • Our core editorial team is located in the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination at the University of York. 


  • Content editors - from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to represent the various interests of the Group.
  • Statistical and methodological editors - our statistical and methodological editors comment on protocols and reviews during the editorial process. They also answer statistical and methodological queries from review authors.

Peer Reviewers 

  • Academic Reviewers - members with expertise individual topics who comment on protocols and reviews during the editorial process.
  • Consumer representatives - we often ask consumer representatives to provide comments on protocols and reviews in order to help ensure that the interests of patients and carers are met.

Review Authors

  • Our authors are based around the world many conduct the systematic reviews on a voluntary basis, in multi-disciplinary teams. Members of the editorial base as well as our editors are also authors for our Group


  • The Common Mental Disorders Group also has satellites that provide clusters of editorial expertise in other locations and help ensure we have the best expertise for specialist areas that fall within our portfolio. Find out more about our satellites.