New Deputy Co-ordinating Editor

We are delighted to announce that Nick Meader is now Deputy Co-ordinating Editor of Cochrane Common Mental Disorders. 

Nick is currently a Research Fellow in the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination at the University of York, UK. He is an invaluable member of the Cochrane community and has worked on the evidence synthesis of mental health research for 17 years. Over the past three years, Nick has worked as a Senior Editor for the Cochrane Common Mental Disorders Group, supporting author and editor development, and providing outstanding methodological and statistical input to the Group. Nick has considerable expertise in conducting network meta-analysis.
"Ever since I began my career in evidence synthesis, the Cochrane Common Mental Disorders group has always been at the forefront of high quality systematic reviews. It's been a real privilege to be working with a dedicated, innovative, and welcoming team over the past few years."  Nick Meader, June 2021

As well as being an experienced Cochrane author, Nick has contributed to national and international healthcare policy. For example, he has been a guideline development group member for several NICE guidelines and evidence review group member for NICE single technology and highly specialised technology assessments. Nick contributed to the development of national guidance in Georgia. Nick's reviews have also helped inform funding calls for our main funder, NIHR, on novel psychoactive substances and multiple risk behaviour interventions.

We are really looking forward to working even more closely with Nick as he takes on the role of Deputy Co-ordinating Editor and provides additional leadership, particularly focusing on our reviews with more advanced methodology. 

Find out more about two Cochrane Reviews that Nick recently authored: