Our activities

As well as publishing reviews and running the editorial processes to manage this our Group is involved in a number of other activities. Much of our work focuses on how we enable our evidence to inform decision making known as knowledge translation.

These are some of the other activities that we are working on:

  • Prioritisation - We want to focus on the development of reviews that are highly relevant to those making decisions about mental health care (both in the UK and NHS, as well as globally). As part of this we are developing ways to decide which new reviews we need to supprt and which reviews should be updated.
  • Partnerships - We are developing new partnerships to support prioritisation, ensure our reviews ask the right questions and to drive knowledge translation.
  • Maintaining quality and improving efficiency of review production We are committed to improving the efficiency of review production and the experience of CMD authors, whilst maintaining the high quality of our reviews. We are also looking to increase our use of more innovative methods to better address priority questions within our scope.
  • Pushing out our evidence - We are increasing our efforts to better publicise our reviews to relevant audiences, making them more accessible to those making decisions about healthcare and those with lived experience of common mental disorders.
  • Building our capacity and profile - We are growing our editorial base and pool of editors and working to increase and maintain involvement with the scientific and wider community, both nationally and globally.